Reaching Out

It’s Groundhog’s day, it’s Déjà vu

Every day’s the same.

I recall a friend from school,

But don’t recall the name.


Shut down, Lock down, isolation,

Call it what you will.

Time is passing by so slow,

Time is standing still.


Painting rooms, cleaning cupboards,

Finding things to do.

Washing hands a hundred times,

My hands are turning blue.


We are not alone in this,

Though everyone’s alone.

Hey Alexander Graham Bell,

Thank you for the phone.


That gadget, clutched in our clean hands,

Has been our saving grace.

The applications we download,

A bright familiar face.


A face that shines on every screen,

My God you’re looking great.

I’d like to kiss you cheek to cheek,

But that will have to wait.


This Virtual reality,

Is what we now enjoy.

The one’s we took for granted,

The ones who could annoy.


No longer do I see your flaws,

I only see your beauty.

Connecting with the ones we love,

Is now our sacred duty.


I have a brand new exercise,

I call it Reaching Out.

If FaceTime doesn’t do the trick,

I find another route.


So if you call or I call you,

If only for a while.

It’s just our way of saying,

I really miss your smile.


People, friends, acquaintances,

Sometimes drift away.

Changing jobs, moving homes,

Life gets in the way.


Call a friend from long ago,

Some ghost from your past.

Appreciation in that voice,

A feeling that may last.


Cause if you make a random call,

Here’s what I expect.

A thank you with sincerity,

Will fill this new connect.


If these words connect with you,

Allow me to suggest.

Put down that damn remote control,

As I make this request.


Check your contacts, check them now,

It isn’t hard to do.

Press the send, Hello friend,

I feel the same as you.


We’re all in this together,

And though it may feel strange.

This lonely disconnected world,

Is going to feel a change.


If I seem sentimental,

I don’t apologize.

I always thought I knew a lot,

But now I realize.


The things I thought that mattered,

Like work and other stuff.

Seem so less important,

Cause now that’s not enough.


If I type a promise,

For everyone to see.

Post it on a website,

Truth will set me free.


Cause when this thing is over,

Yes when this thing is through.

I will be a better man,

A better friend to you.


Cue the Blong… Too lazy to add a new one….



2 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Love seeing you at the piano Denise!! I have so many memories of singing at that piano with you at AZ. Those were my favourite nights hands down❤️👍🤗

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