A little rant on our current lock down situation.


Do people not own TVs, Radios, Telegraphs, or Smartphones???  It seems clear in my small little dwelling that the people on my street, in my town, in my country have the greatest control over this deadly, once in a century, virus.


In a desperate appeal to those, who struggle with the word “sacrifice”, allow me to try to explain, though my attempt will not be successful with those who do not possess the capability of empathy for others, or demand individual freedoms above all.


Perhaps a quote from Star Trek might help here… “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few”   Of course the Star Wars people will dismiss this, as the superiority of their Series is clear.


The phrase Social Distancing is a little confusing.  Physical Distance is more accurate, because with technology today, our SOCIAL media removes any incumbrance of SOCIAL connections.  If my Parents and grandparents have figured out FaceTime and ZOOM, you can too.


Personal Responsibility is a difficult concept for some.  When you have spent your life blaming, the government, the neighbours, your parents and the media for all of your woes, it is going to be a damn near impossible to elevate the personal accountability you must take for this pandemic to decelerate.


Speaking of blaming, you can spend hours, days, weeks and now months to decide who to point your finger (hopefully a clean washed finger) at, as you rise to judgement of who, why, when, where and how this happened.  When you are the hero of every story you tell, it is so hard to suggest you are the problem.


Now I get it, as you think “wow you are being a little judgemental sir.”  Here’s a newsflash for you.  We are all judging each other right now, and cursing and some even screaming at you because, of your wonderful independent freedom of choice stance you seem to be taking.  Right now there is no choice.


Here in Canada our Prime Minister (Liberal) and our Premier (conservative) Have done a remarkable job of coordinating information, with barely a scent of politics. Again for those who do not own a TV, a radio, a telegraph or a phone, let me share a message that has been repeated 7,894 times.  Stay the F*&$ HOME!!!


I will conclude this little rant with a warning.  In Cypress and other countries, Marshall Law has been declared.  It has been declared because the people of that country simply can’t perform the responsible duty of complying with the inconvenient idea of home isolation.  If you have it, use your sense of volunteering to participate in the world’s new temporary rules… before the curfews, the policing and the quickly enforced laws force you to comply.


Cue the Blong… With apologies to Lennon and McCartney



One thought on “A Short Rant

  1. “When you are the hero of every story you tell, it is so hard to suggest you are the problem.”

    Good one, Dennis.

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