My friends we live in crazy times

More alcohol, more lemons, limes

We’re seeing things, we’ve never seen.

Damn this thing, Covid-19


Locked in, Shut in, choose your phrase

This will take months , it won’t take days,

In a place we’ve never been.

Thanks a lot,  Covid-19


Teaching children, the freezer’s full.

Tension, as we push and pull.

I spell check the word quarantine,

I’m watching you Covid-19


I don’t trust you, Mr. Virus

As Spotify plays Molly Cyris

The virus seems so bloody mean

Don’t want to meet Covid-19


Practising my social distance

At grocery stores with loud insistence

You just took 10 cans of beans

As you just blame Covid-19


When I ask, how are you feeling?

I look at you, not at the ceiling,

I’m now kinder, no longer mean

A symptom of Covid-19


Our government shares strong advice

They tell it to us more than twice

We’re in a movie, we’re in a scene,

How will you end? Covid-19


Breaking Bad and Chrystal Meth.

CNN another death,

I vacuum, kitchen counters sheen.

Lysol shuns Covid-19


Washing my hands every hour

And then I take another shower

I have never felt so clean

Hope not to feel Covid-19


Every day is so predictive

Social media so addictive

Charging cell phones like a teen

As we avoid Covid-19


I’ve seen the worst, I’ve seen the best,

Some have passed, some failed the test.

Soon the grass will turn to green

We must destroy Covid-19


Call your family, call your friend

Help the old ones, if you can.

Just be kind, don’t be obscene

Let’s confuse Covid-19


Here’s what I believe is true.

It’s up to me, it’s up to you.

It’s local, global not in between

Hello Goodbye Covid-19


Cue the Blong… Sometimes you just have to swear out loud,







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