We certainly live in curious times,

Sharing our thoughts with music and rhymes.

While questioning those who appear presidential.

But now finding answers to: Who is essential?


We hold on to humour, it helps us to cope.

We get by with basics, while living with hope.

Doing our part, we stay residential,

Discover our work might not be so essential.


We’ve had lots of time to sit and reflect,

The hard truth, is something we didn’t expect.

Our jobs are rewarding but not consequential,

Raising awareness to what is essential.


Truck drivers, janitors, and garbage man too,

The mailman, and those who work the drive through.

Their last work review, dismissed their potential,

From zero to hero, now service essential.


The doctors, the nurses, the x-ray technician,

The clerks at the window, to approve your admission.

A lady cleaning each floor, it’s sequential,

The list keeps expanding, who’s truly essential.


The cashier who smiles at the grocery store,

The guy who sells vodka, I must thank him more.

The Amazon driver, when I sign with a pencil,

Cause I can’t find a pen,  a pen’s not essential.


When this is over, we all will celebrate.

But before all the cheering, we must recalibrate.

Facing a fact, that is now evidential,

Words must be actions, to tell all essential.


Before I ignored all you did, I was wrong,

My work was my work, though I knew all along.

This new-found respect becomes exponential,

If we just don’t forget who is really essential.


I thanked all the suits, but never thanked you.

We all played the game, I just never knew.

What I thought, what I knew, are not quintessential,

Changing is hard, but now it’s essential.


So what will I do, Okay what the F#^K !

I’ll honk every time, I drive by a truck.

I will thank every person, who’s holding a mop,

The new hierarchy will be bottom to top.

The change in my pocket, will be given to those,

Who serve me a coffee, cuts the hair in my nose.

Every person in healthcare, the clerk and the nurse,

Appreciation will be my new curse.

A commitment to action, not just a word,

Decency works, or so I have heard.


Finally I’m sorry to the ones I forgot.

I never quite capture, the things that I thought,

My new calculation, use a new differential.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ESSENTIAL.


Cue the Blong… Like i said, I may have forgot to acknowledge all…



5 thoughts on “Essential

  1. Brilliant Dennis. I love the line near the end
    “Finally I’m sorry to the ones I forgot.
    I never quite capture, the things that I thought”,

    All in iambic pentameter!

  2. Excellent work! We all need to start being kinder to all those working in the public sector.
    Thank you for this wonderful piece of your thoughts. 😊

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