Maybe Next Year

Another Season has come to an end,
Repeating our failure is kind of a trend.
Like your favourite song you put on repeat,
A promising season ends in defeat.
A whimper, a sniffle, wiping a tear,
We look to the future, Maybe Next Year!

A promising season, ends up in ruins,
A game seven loss, to the Boston Bruins.
Stop me now, if you’ve heard this before,
We hold the right key, but can’t find the door.
We’re getting so close, we’re getting so near,
Our patience is tested, Maybe Next Year!

Last time our fans were in Stanley Cup Heaven,
Was 52 years ago 1967.
From they day we were born we had no decision,
A Maple Leaf fan, is a faithful Religion.
Get me a whiskey, get me a beer,
Tomorrow, tomorrow, Maybe Next Year!

Maybe I’m crazy, or just a daft prick,
But we played bad enough for that perfect draft pick.
Winning is hard, like opening cashews,
But how could we lose, we got Austin Mathews.
With new found excitement, facing our fear,
We’re getting so close, Maybe Next Year!

We start every season, with passion and hope,
The fans yelling Yes, the Team whispers Nope.
Insanity: Repeating each year like a cult,
Different cast members the same damn result.
It’s getting confusing, so let me be clear,
Draft picks and trades, Maybe Next Year!

Conspiracy theorists claim it’s collusion,
As spring turns to summer, we live with delusion.
Autumn leaves fall, changing their colour,
Should we investigate? Someone call Mueller.
The coaches, the players all reappear,
I have a good feeling, Maybe Next Year!

The long form for fan, is simply fanatic,
We hide all our memories, deep in the attic.
Cause there’s grief in belief when you root for a Leaf,
So damn exhausting, but never relief.
I stand at the counter, stare at the mirror,
Repeating my mantra: Maybe Next Year!

The team will return, again we are trending,
It’s no fairy tale, there’s no happy ending.
But Maple Fans will always live up,
To being devoted and will never give up.
We yell at the TV, when they score we all cheer.
So we’ll see you next season, Maybe Next Year!

Cue the Blong. I’ve said it before but it is the only attitude to embrace for survival…

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