We’re each a rose, when we are born

Life provides the painful thorn

The choice to prick is always yours to make


Options you are forced to choose

A winning smile while others lose

Declaring that you give more than you take


Each victory can lose a friend

A new beginning another end

This is just the way it always goes


Win the battle lose the war

Feeling less while wanting more

Hiding scars, though everybody knows


No beauty in your daily acts

Merging with convenient facts

That charity will never miss your dime


Every hour provides a choice

A bigger heart a softer voice

You change your world, one word at a time


Blame your parents, blame your boss

Fixate hard on every loss

Well rehearsed as you tell your story


Perfection is a noble goal

Feed the beast, starve the soul

Never finding time to say you’re sorry


It isn’t that you can’t adjust

Expanding those you cannot trust

It’s YOU, that just keeps getting in the way


The rigid one you have become

Caused by those you’ve taken from

Will never change the way you start each day


Your joy gets lost in mending

The journey’s never ending

Your view is now as hollow as your eyes


Get lost in your perspective

Forgetting it’s connective

All you do is done with truth and lies.


A fresh blanket of snow

Trampled as you go

Your inner focus is your fatal flaw


We all deal with the pain

The sun avoids the rain

What you see is never what you saw


Another human being

Dismiss what most are seeing

While you struggle just to get along


Fight with daily scrapppen

Not knowing what will happen

Nothing’s always right or always wrong


But it’s not carved in ink

You still have time to think

Your life isn’t framed within a stencil


Have a drink and chaser

Grab your pink eraser

Remember life is written with a pencil


Cue the blong…Be Tender It’s an Art





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