The Silence of Sound


Worrier and warrior are similar words.

Like ravens and crows are similar birds.

Bison and buffalo have similar herds.

Be very careful of similar words.


A worrier worries all of the time.

But warriors never get charged with a crime.

Some spend a dollar when they don’t have a dime.

Some give so little … and none of their time.


Language is clever often amusing.

But use of its words can often be bruising.

When somebody wins, someone is losing.

Sometimes the joke is less than amusing.


Some are carefree, and will do as they will.

Lots dine in restaurants but few grab the bill.

When taking a picture, keep perfectly still.

Some learn the lesson, some never will.


Sometime your actions don’t match your intent.

So many people are late with the rent.

If what others heard, is not what you meant.

It’s hard keeping words are as pure as intent.


Utterances turn into much louder tones.

Like some old cliche the sticks and the stones.

Full Broken hearts with half broken bones.

They’re over the top, with deep undertones.


When feelings are shared, take time to think.

Words will get looser, drink after drink.

Your world can shift quickly, as fast as a blink.

The affect made on others is more than you think.


When meeting a stranger, a wise one will do.

Observing their scars that are different from you.

Offer your smile and give them a clue.

Don’t measure thoughts assess what you do.


When sound leaves the lips, the damage is done.

Words are the bullets your mouth is the gun.

A phrase with a flower is a sky with a sun.

A little’s a lot, when all’s said and done.


The language police will carry a hammer.

Correcting your spelling, correcting your grammar.

You’re new to the country, you stutter and stammer.

Pick up the fallen, let go of the hammer.


The softer the words, the harder the action.

Half-hearted truths are less than that fraction.

Undertows drag you, with over reaction.

The harder the words, the softer the action.


Home on the Range no discouraging word

Little Miss Muffet ate her whey and her curd

Sometimes what’s said is not what is heard

That is the problem with each little word.


Those sly as a fox or as wise as an owl.

Forming the consonant and each little vowel.

The pure naked truth is under the towel.

Beware of the fox, dressed like the owl.


Sometimes the voice is deep underneath.

Sometimes falsetto, like a false set o teeth.

Some keep it warm like your mom’s Christmas wreath.

It’s not on the bed it’s all underneath.


The math isn’t tough but the answer takes years.

Each has one tongue and each have two ears.

Causing the laughter while soothing the tears.

The choice happens quickly, the healing takes years.


When one is careless, with things that they say.

Choose caustic responses day after day.

Receivers may shrug as their pain may delay.

Though all will remember the words that you say.


The mystery of life is a hard one to solve.

Choosing regression while others evolve.

The world keeps on spinning a steady revolve.

Ask for forgiveness, there’s less to resolve.


The words Raise and raze have a similar sound

One picks you up and one tears you down.

A word overheard, when no one’s around.

Can echo forever, the silence of sound.


Cue the Blong:  Finally a song that is actually connected to the blog… will the miracles never cease.


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