There is a card game old folks play, I think they call it bridge.

Often at the kitchen table, right beside the fridge.


This game can take three hours to play, depending on the bidding.

Old folks open to new ideas.   Enjoying change… just kidding.


While playing bridge, they bid No Trump, they say it with a wink.

Many players talk a lot, not taking time to think.


Playing bridge, is playing life, an awkward metaphor.

Allow me to continue, there’s so much to explore.


Some groups love their country clubs, while clinging to the past.

They pine too much for olden times, with laws that couldn’t last.


In a country red and blue, there’s such a great divide.

Riots, protests, Facebook posts, aren’t helping either side.


In the game of bridge each player has to be the dummy.

We all take turns and play this role, most prefer gin rummy.


But every player understands you must let others play.

Take a break, step away and hear what others say.


I will swallow pride and try to understand your view.

Find our commonalities, I ask the same of you.


My ignorance, your ignorance is how we’re both the same.

Different lives, different rules we play a different game.


Communicate, elaborate, so each one comprehends.

Our rigid view of world affairs from just a different lens.


It’s incompatibility we feel, while searching for the source.

We’d better find a common ground, a country can’t divorce!


Blame our parents, blame our schools, do two wrongs make a right?

If both sides listen more than talk, allow a ray of light.


We all love our opinions, can hardly wait to speak.

Listening to the others, makes you strong not weak.


If I am right and you are right, then both of us are wrong.

Exploring our discrepancies, can only make us strong.


Forget the diamonds, spades and clubs, lets talk about the hearts.

Understanding different sides, is really where it starts.


Since your in a playful mood, adjust your current stance.

Don’t play bridge, let’s build a bridge, and then we’ll have a chance.


Cue the Blong.  It’s Time to Lighten Up.


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