Covid Fatigue

Today we will talk about Covid fatigue,

That struggle to stay in the Premier League.

Keep social distance, as scientists urge,

That doesn’t sound hard, as new cases surge.

At first it was novel, borderline fun,

Was it sustainable?  When some said “I’m Done!

The phrase “The New Normal”, really caught on,

Is anyone “normal”, when patience is gone.

This 10thmonth is clearly testing endurance,

Time premiums paid, where’s the insurance?

I do wear a mask, whenever I’m out,

Others choose not to.  What’s that all about?

I get it that some diners, don’t order shellfish,

What I don’t get is how some can be so damn selfish.

Is being considerate, too much to ask?

Wear your heart on your sleeve, but don’t wear your mask.

There was a distraction, 1 month ago,

American voters, put on a show.

I talked to a good American friend,

We both asked the question, will this ever end?

Recounting ballots, Electoral College,

Expressing opinions, ignoring true knowledge.

A hoax, conspiracies claiming a fraud,

Our neighbours below us, are sure acting  odd.

Back to the virus, it’s cruel and it’s mean.

Why should I care, here comes a vaccine.

Is this now what we call humanity?

Good common sense lost to insanity.

Non-compliance, now trending it’s true

By ones who don’t like to be told what to do

Fighting with strangers, or with father or mother, 

We’re fighting a virus, stop fighting each other.

When people are forced to live in a bubble,

One can predict, there’s going to be trouble.

We need human touch, we need interactions,

Binging on Netflix, but we need more distractions.

One by one, we see the betrayal,

Circles so small, is like being in jail.

Our nature will tell us, its time to rebel,

Living this way, is like living in hell

There is no mystery, so little intrigue,

Its normal its natural, Covid fatigue.

We are finding it hard, imposed isolation.

We don’t respond well, when we feel desperation

Science give guidelines, while some say it’s fate,

Arguing numbers, mortality rate.

My rambling must end, I’ve said quite enough

But the next little while, is gonna be tough

So what’s the solution, I haven’t a clue

Cause it’s not about them, it’s all about you.

Resist the fatigue, though I can’t tell you how.

Long hugs and kisses, about a year from now

Cue the Blong… To a better future…

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