Truth or Dare?

When I was young, living life without care
Me and my friends would play Truth or Dare?
Billy and Bobby and Suzie and Ruth,
Would always pick dare, no one ever picked truth

Isn’t it funny, playing games in your yard,
That telling the truth is so bloody hard.
No matter the time, no matter the season,
The truth is massaged, but what is the reason?

I’ve thought about this for so many years,
Cause unvarnished truth can cause many tears.
So each of us chooses a version of truth,
Avoiding the pain like an impacted tooth.

We take information, than choose a diversion,
Remove painful facts, a much nicer version.
The distasteful parts, with much better flavour,
Circumventing the truth, doing others a favour?

The listener then doesn’t know right from wrong,
The outcome becomes that we all get along.
Many will argue that truth’s easy to do,
Because what they declare, they believe to be true.

Truth is Perception philosophers say,
But we all see the truth in our own special way.
The stuff gets so crowded like twelve in a booth,
It’s almost impossible deciphering truth.

Avoiding the truth speeds up the healing,
Yet when we are done no one knows what they’re feeling.
Might be labelled harsh when telling your truth,
Though many will say that it’s cruel and uncouth.

You misrepresent when you pad income tax,
Or when a leader offers alternative facts.
It irritates others, when fact finding halts,
As we stand in confusion while we play true or false.

Witnesses try to share truth in a court,
While the next one tells truth of a different sort.
Singing the words of a different song,
Both can’t be right but both can’t be wrong.

Three olives, some gin and a little vermouth,
Loose lips will sink ships and dark hidden truth.
Blame alcohol for the reason to cause it,
Skeletons slowly released from the closet.

Every truth told is based on what is said,
The next one agrees but gives new truth instead.
Now both of the people believe they are true,
Like what people say versus what people do.

When the moment arrives to say something true,
And the person is standing in front of you.
You must speak the truth, you must speak it now.
It is never the what, it is always the how.

We find this approach, but often too late,
As all try to not hurt, a good friend or a mate.
When you try to be kind, when you try to be true,
Soft words and hard truth, is the best you can do.

If you balance the words with a flexible stance,
The message you share might stand half a chance.
If the subject you speak to is open to hear,
Both sharing the pain, both sharing the fear.

Some people lie and some people cheat,
Some will do anything when they compete.
While they believe they are humble and pious,
But the truth about truth is we all have a bias.

When I was young, I played truth or dare,
I chose the truth, as I wasn’t aware.
So I told someone truth, I was just barely ten,
I have never spoke to that person again

Cue the Blong. One year anniversary of the worst school shooting in the USA. That is a truth we cannot deny…Where’s My Gun?

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