Love’s Mystery Unsolved


Most people require a push or a shove.

To help navigate in the world of love.


Our heads will get harder, but hearts sentimental

True love takes ownership, it’s never a rental.


In grade 3 we learn that love is a riddle.

Each year’s second month, yes right there in the middle.


Mom buys cheap cards we cut and we sign.

We hope and we wish for one true valentine.


With teenager courage, you ask for a date.

The answer was yes, and now you must wait.


The candidates choose the right thing to wear.

Casual, cool and of course perfect hair.


A dinner, a movie, as each contemplate,

Is this the one worthy, of one other date?


The passage of time from younger to older,

We steal second base, the love moves got bolder,


Wear makeup to break up while sad words are spoken,

Each learns to smile while each heart is broken,


Dating to courting, to marriage \ divorce.

Down the mountain of love is a treacherous course.


The reasons for love can often be funny,

Sometimes it’s beauty and sometimes it’s money.


Love calms you down or love makes you dizzy,

But lovers get lost, cause everyone’s busy,


Each love has its rhythm, it’s up and it’s down,

Get comfortable wearing the goat and the crown,


Love can be whispered or love can be screamed.

But love’s not that fantasy everyone’s dreamed.


Love mimics like, and occasionally lust,

The less love you give the more you won’t trust.


Sometimes it’s ecstasy, sometimes a bore,

Sometimes it’s breezy, sometimes a chore.


We may need a Hallmark card to express,

Love mixes feelings, cause love is a mess.


Is love just a seed that needs more love to grow?

To give us the answers we already know.


It grows like a flower, it grows like a weed.

The Beatles proclaimed Love is all that you need.


When Love songs are written they have to be sung,

When climbing love’s ladder you touch every rung.


Valentine’s slight incongruent reminder,

Is that love makes you strong, as love makes you kinder.


Thyme over time from a chef will call (Herb) herb,

Though love can be spicy, it is one ACTIVE verb


Hold it so tightly, when you know it’s the one.

It takes work to keep love, and the work’s never done.


So always remember with each “I Love You”,

It’s not what you say it is more what you do.


So let’s end with a bang, if you know what I mean.

With all that I’ve heard and all that I’ve seen.


With my wine glass half full, I’ll raise with a toast.

If you understand love, you are smarter than most.



Cue the Blong.  The sentimentality continues..What ever Happened to…







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