Hillary Clinton or Trump?

Well the U.S. elections are moments away, our neighbours will have to decide.

Will they elect their first female leader or man who’s on his third bride?

I filled up my truck with month’s worth of garbage, time to go to the dump.

That was my choice, and now you have yours, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


Conventions are over, they travel the country, loudly promoting their case.

Their party behind them, with rhetoric ready, only one win’s the race.

After the speeches, ask all your questions, they’re really not hard to stump.

What was that movie? Oh right “Sophie’s Choice”, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


One wants to increase the minimum wage, the other is building a wall,

Email problems, or misogyny, you’ll have to decide in the fall.

Who said that “Life was a box of chocolates”? I think it was Forrest Gump.

Your box of chocolates has only two flavours, Hillary Clinton or Trump


The two party system, gives you an option, like supersizing your fries.

Weighing the pros and weighing the cons, no one likes a surprise.

Hey get off that bridge, come take my hand, I know you just want to jump.

But you have your duty, it’s now in your hands, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


He just complains the other one, is a leader who many can’t trust.

She counteracts, that he’s never held office, and experience is a must.

Her party leaked some bad information, his party threatens to dump.

(I know I’ve already used the word “dump”, this is the verb not the noun form this time)

A rock and a hard place is now where you are, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


There will be debates, where each party hates what the other one has to say.

They’ll argue a lot, to sway all the voters and win on election day.

If you don’t support one, and join in the fun, fanatics will call you a chump.

Don’t be a fanatic, be democratic choose Hilary Clinton or Trump


One of them was secretary of state, the other an entrepreneur.

Ralph Kramden drove his own city bus, Norton worked in the sewer.

The point I am making is we all have jobs, with hopes of a salary bump.

Cause hoping and wishing and praying can help.  Hillary Clinton or Trump.


When Hillary speaks she stays on point, when Trump speaks he meanders

There was a moment, that moment is gone when you had Bernie Sanders.

You might be a cynic who’s called out of touch, and labeled a mean old grump.

You aren’t really mean, if you know what I mean, Hillary Clinton or Trump


Reagan to Bush, Clinton to Bush and finally Barack Obama.

If inner peace is what you are seeking, consult with the Dalai Lama.

The voters demand more meat on the bone, as each leader offers you rump.

When you ask, “Where’s the beef?” you won’t like the answer, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


There was a time, when positions were clear, you voted and you knew what you got.

With more lobby groups, and hefty donators, there’s too many stirring the pot.

Each do their best to appeal to the masses, as they lower the price at the pump.

With every choice made, there’s a price to be paid, Hillary Clinton or Trump.


Your constitution, your bill of rights, will serve you when this finally ends.

I’ll clean out the guest room, be well prepared, when you visit Canadian friends.

When the election is over, you’ll scream it was rigged, you’ll probably yell at the ump.

You might lose your voice, but what was your choice? Hillary Clinton or Trump.

Cue the Blong:

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