Twas The Night Of Our Christmas

Twas the night of our Christmas, our guests soon arrive,

Who’s gonna drink, who’s gonna drive?

Thirty-five people with bloodlines to say,

This is the place we spend Christmas day.


Thirty-five guests arrive at the door,

Each brings a bottle, but we’re going to need more.

Siblings and uncles, parents and aunts,

Cousins and children, some wearing new pants.


And I in my sweater, my wife in her dress,

Both knew in eight hours, we’d clean up the mess.

The couches get crowded, we run out of chairs,

Some sit on the floor, some sit on the stairs.


The scent of a turkey fills every room,

My wife’s special stuffing, trapped in its womb.

Now everyone’s drinking more than they should,

The fire is dying. We add some more wood.


No more devotion, to Elf on a Shelf,

So damn relieved as I talk to myself.

Things going well, seems everything’s nice,

I wish and I hope, we don’t run out of ice.


The pass around gift game commences at five,

Predicted latecomers slowly arrive.

They join in the fight, though we try to be pleasant,

As each one attempts to upgrade their present.


Christmas songs play, a background of noise,

So many children, so many toys.

We lose track of time, then I get a tweet,

From young cousin James, “It’s time we should eat.”


There’s turkey, potatoes, carrots and ham,

Salad, asparagus, squash and some yam.

Each family brought their favourite desert,

This yearly tradition, we eat till we hurt.


We put out the nametags, where everyone sits,

Tight little spaces, though everyone fits.

The meal begins with a toast and a prayer,

Thirty-five diners, there’s food everywhere.


We sit for an hour, and eat what is shared,

Forgot the cranberries, nobody cared.

The meal concludes, so back to the couch,

Everyone’s stomach, has added a pouch.


Cause its all about family whoever they are,

With wide-open arms, and one open bar.

We ignore all the troubles that every year brings,

It almost gets quiet then somebody sings.


More people join, the singing gets loud,

The antique piano attracting a crowd.

All lyrics forgotten, we still persevere,

We croon Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


It’s getting so festive, as each tries to talk,

Someone suggests, we should go for a walk.

So on with the coats, some stroll for a while,

Around the block twice, though they claim it’s a mile.


When the walkers return, we heat up the drinks,

More family stories, as everyone thinks…

When the calendar moves to the last twenty-fifth,

Each clan embraces their truth and their myth.


As families expand, traditions must too,

A little bit me, a little bit you.

Yearly commitments can stress people out,

Forgetting what this time of year’s all about.


Eventually each person offers a point,

And somebody’s nose gets out of joint.

It’s not your role to please each girl and boy,

Offer your smile to ones who need joy.


And put aside problems that aren’t worth the fight,

Seeking the peace, while seeing the light.

Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn’t,

Some still will argue, what was and what wasn’t.


The younger ones, all go downstairs to escape,

The old family movies, on a VHS tape.

We watch and lament at faces we’ve missed,

The last time we hugged, the last time we kissed.


The party subsides as we run out of beer,

Slurring our plans to start the New Year.

It’s after eleven, or so says my watch,

One final story, one final scotch.


Twas the night of our Christmas, that finally ends,

One last embrace, from family and friends.

The occasional laugh, the occasional tear,

I pray Thirty-five, will repeat this next year.


Cue the Blong… Oh let’s just use Melf the Elf again.

6 thoughts on “Twas The Night of Our Christmas

  1. Beautiful Dennis! I enjoyed the whole thing, made me laugh and got me a little sentimental, and tested my inner voice rhyming prayer with everywhere 😎.

    Merry Christmas my friend! May 2016 bring you many birdies from a RCGA conforming putter!


    • Thanks Grant. All the best to you and your family during this break. As for my putter, I will do my best to conform with new regulations, though as I recall, rules tend to be optional during our Ryder Cup weekend.

  2. Hi Dennis,
    That was a really good poem! Fun, clever (as always) relatable and how lucky are you and Kim to have lots of family and friends!
    We hope you had a lovely Christmas as did we!

    So…..we need to know if you received our Christmas card as Bruce found your address on line before we got your email (asking to send money lol) and giving us your address…..but he found a different address on line 1107 Cedarwood????
    Also we liked it so much better when you had a hyperlink available on your email responses for us to respond back to breakingwell.
    If you’d prefer we can keep logging on.

    Other than that…we are both now enjoying a week of doing whatever we want. Its fabulous!
    It involves a lot of nothing, naps, great dinners, music, walking the dog, hitting the gym, some visiting, some shopping and lots of reading, movies and puzzles.

    And so this is Christmas………..

    Hope to see you early 2016

    Love from Cathy & Bruce

  3. Brilliant Dennis! You captured all the many emotions that come with a family Christmas gathering. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing. And Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in 2017. Cheers!

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