This week’s Blog is for Father’s Day and is simply the lyrics to my

linked original song. This is good news for you as this is my shortest submission ever!

I will explain my rationale:

  1.  I didn’t have one good idea for this week’s theme… not one.
  2.  If this goes viral, I wanted time to collect my royalties and
    buy my father an even nicer tie for Father’s Day
  3. It’s curious how easy one can express through art, what one can never say in person. To be fair, most of the time I just use art to cover up holes in the wall.


So here it is to my father and to all who cherish their father or a hold a cherished memory of a father.  No singing along, unless you are in the shower.



Father, Never found the time to thank you.

Father, I know it was implied, but I never even tried.


You never denied you were a human being.

Your children never saw what you were seeing.

You sheltered me to keep hope alive, to keep hope alive.


There were so many things that I wanted to do.

Tell you things that you already knew.

There’s such a debt I owe to you, I owe to you.


Father, never found the words to love you.

Father, I just couldn’t figure how, but I want to tell you now.


We don’t get sentimental it’s not our family way.

There’s so many things we never say.

And I kept silent until today, until today.


So this might embarrass, but it must be said.

To your weathered face, with that greying head.

You are the pillar, of our daily bread our daily bread.


Father, I never stretched my arms to hold you.

Father, I never gave my hands to hold you.

Father, oh the things I should have told you.

Father, I’ve waited far too long, but I will right a wrong.


Because you let me fall, with a lessoned learned.

Gave me respect that I never earned.

We crossed bridges that we never burned. We never burned!


Just an unsung hero who could always bend,

You were my father you are my friend.

You are my truth until the end until the end.

Oh Father, Father, Father!

For your discerning ears.




Thanks for listening.












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