The Retirement of Michael Potter


By Dennis Ford


Before you read this offering, the author would like to demonstrate a little full disclosure.  He has never read an entire book.   Even in grade 5 he skipped a lot of the key pages of To Kill a Mocking Bird, because the Boo Radley character creeped him out.  The only writing he has done, prior to this attempt, were emails and birthday cards.  He fancies himself as a successful business man and an entrepreneur.  His resume would suggest the opposite is true. If business insight is your motivation to read this book, stop reading right now.  You did not stop reading, which is fair, as I did not stop typing. The project started with this delusional thought. “This will be the greatest business book ever written”  This idea came from all of the half books of well established inspirational  leaders of industry, he had tried to absorb while avoiding emails. Tragically, the author concluded he knew more than those authors so he stopped reading their books.  This is why the ending of this book is so weak, as he has presumed no one will get that far into this book.


Prologue. 6

The differences in people. 7

Fish. 9

Gaze at the stars17

The Big Tipper19

Stories. 24

There must be some misunderstanding…… 25

It’s never what it’s about29

Burnt Bacon. 31


“We must get together”. 38


Vital Information. 44


Paradise Lost49

Love songs53

Counting. 54

Loyalty. 58

Tzedakah. 59

Active Listening. 65

Harmony. 66

Self Awareness71

No Regrets72

Drinking the poison. 78

Perception is Reality. 83

Greasy. 84

Let People surprise you. 89

Temporary Blindness90

Remember Important Things94

The Brick Layer95

Unspoken. 99

Checking Inventory. 100

Charity. 104

Pre Choice \ Pro choice. 105

When students become teachers110

Gimme Gimme Never Gets!111

Be open to relearning. 117

50 Shades of Grey. 118

When Reason does not equal Action. 122

Sinatra returns123

Passion. 129

D Day. 130

Time Does Heal136

Get to Give. 142

Danny Boy. 144

Decision Making. 150

Back to School151

Self control155

The Late Show. 156

Unvarnished truth. 160

Always say Thank You. 161

Nervous Twitch. 165

The First Kiss. 166

BFF. 171

The Carnival Mirror. 172

Silent Night. 176

The Lion King. 177

Summer break. 182

The Atherly Arms. 183

Child’s Play. 189

Parental Guidance. 190

Getting Along. 194

The Declaration of Coexistence. 195

Deal with Disappointment. 201

Running on Empty. 202

Last turn. 207

Bravo. 208

Talk to old people. 213


Honour Traditions218

“I’m Melting”. 220

Empty chairs. 224



Every life tells a story. Every life story affects other life stories. Every one learns from other life stories. Others life stories affect the plot of your own story. Some stories are great, and celebrated through written and rewritten history. Some stories are never documented as they are too common. Some stories are small. This is one of those small stories. Every life tells a story.


Chapter one to be posted soon

2 thoughts on “My Book: The Retirement of Michael Potter

  1. I can’t open any of the topics under ‘My Book The Retirement of Michael Potter’ except the prologue…Is this a joke I’m not getting? lol

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