Welcome to Breaking Well.  I want to thank you for taking some of your precious time to visit this website.  My immediate advice to you is to exit.  If you are still here let me briefly explain the intent of this offering.

Breaking Well is the right brain version of Dennis Ford.  Though psychologists are now debunking this right brain left brain theory, I am not a psychologist so I will ignore the new science just like your right brain is supposed to do.  I will stick with the idea of the right side of our alleged brains is for creativity and the left side of our brain is for more serious critical thinking endeavours like figuring our your mortgage payments or determining the real savings of paper towels when they are on sale.

There was a television series not too long ago called Breaking Bad.  Apparently over one hundred people watched this series with more than a little enthusiasm.  The underlying premise of the Walter White character was about a man who had not quite lived up to his potential.   He went on to rectify that regret with rather interesting  plot lines, that included the occasional methamphetamine related murder.

Breaking Well is my expression of wanting to do a little more with my time on this planet.  The naked truth of the intent of this little web page,  is that I am hoping my grave stone does not read: ” A nice man who did not quite live up to his potential.”

If you are still here, enjoy your visit to Breaking Well.

Dennis Ford

For more  professional posts please visit http://www.dennisfordconsulting.com

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